Rungwa Game Safaris was established in 2000
with an ethos of ethical hunting, conservation, and tradition.


Sustainable honey initiative

We have over 1000 Langstroth hives that provide a safe place for the native bees who play a critical role in the resilience of the landscape. This design ensures the safety of the queen bee and provides easy access to the small portion of honey we collect, leaving the rest intact for the colony. Use of a centrifuge to extract the honey from the frames leaves the comb structure undamaged. 

Human-wildlife conflict management

Occasionally the issue of livestock predation arises. We work closely with pastoralists and reimburse 100% of any animal losses due to lion or leopard activity in the areas bordering our concessions. This has effectively eliminated poisoning of these big cats and does not impose additional hardship on Tanzania’s pastoralists. 

Conservation education

We work closely with local schools to provide relevant and practical conservation education. We know that these students are the future champions of conservation, and the key to the long-term habitat and species preservation.

Sponsoring local students
for further education

Whether they want to be a doctor or a game scout or a pilot or a scientist, we work to empower local students by sponsoring them for post-secondary education. 

School nutrition program

We are committed to making sure that every child in our community has access to adequate nutrition while at school. 

Employment & commerce initiative

Rungwa Game Safaris directly employs people from our communities and creates many more indirect jobs. We make a point of sourcing through locally-owned producers and businesses. These alternatives to illegal grazing and bushmeat poaching provide our communities the opportunity to live and work off of the land as their ancestors have done and preserve their way of life for future generations.  

Women’s empowerment

We regularly conduct trainings in non-destructive honey production specifically for Maasai women, and furnish them with their own hives free of charge. These provide a means modest but steady income for families, a powerful platform for conservation discussions, and results in a world with more pollinators.

Wildlife security

Our antipoaching teams provide year-round protection against snaring, poisoning, deforestation, and illegal grazing at no small risk to themselves. These teams employ former poachers, capitalizing on their knowledge of the area and offering them a legal means of providing for their families.

Girls' education

By constructing the Loiborserrit secondary school and science laboratory, we are working to provide access to quality education for all children in our area, especially girls.

Community Health 

Rungwa Game Safaris ensures the communities surrounding our area have access to safe and reliable health care by working with the local clinic to procure medicine and supplies. 

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